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When Done Correctly…

A home addition can create the space you need while increasing the value of your home. If done incorrectly, it could become a liability.

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Homeowners know that home addition can increase the value of their property while creating the space they need to accommodate their growing family. What may not be apparent is that certain permits and standards must be met, especially if you’ll be updating the floor plan with your Maricopa County Assessor’s Office.

Not taking the proper steps with your home addition could have serious outcomes. Your family’s health and safety come to mind first. However, other consequences such as decreased rather than increased home value, a delayed project, inaccurate property information, and more could result if you don’t hire the right company.

We’re very experienced with home additions at A-Resilient Contracting and can handle all of the permits, paperwork, and other necessary details while providing affordable quality craftsmanship.

You’ve got enough on your plate; let our team of professionals make your home addition a fun and easy process.

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Greg Homer

Your Licensed General Contractor

In the adaptive, fast-paced world we live in today, it’s often easy to overlook the attributes and qualities that materialize the cornerstones of a company. Attention to detail in every aspect, honesty through full disclosure, and respect through words and physical actions coalesced with the fuel that fires our passion of distinction to reset a standard that is long overdue, is what all of us at A-Resilient Contracting stand behind.

We are a partnership, born with integrity while brought together from four generations of construction in all backgrounds of the trades. From the materials we install and their accuracy of installation, their collaborative, intended use, is what will set us apart.

Our intention isn’t to reinvent the wheel, but to reinvent the way in which the parts around it are being used.

From all of us at A-Resilient Contracting, we look forward to changing your standard.

Client Testimonials

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Patty Spence

Happy Customer

Greg did an amazing job with our room addition! He was respectful of our space and got the job done quickly. He helped out a lot with the planning and even pointed out a lot of things we didn’t think of. I highly recommend A-R Contracting.

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Andrew Snook

Happy Customer

After speaking to multiple general contractors and getting a few quotes we ultimately hired A-Resilient Contracting to handle our bathroom and kitchen remodel. We’re really glad we did. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Just hire these guys!

Our Guarantee

As your licensed general contractor, we guarantee to get the job done right the first time and then follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction. After all, your satisfaction is the only true measure of our success! 

We’re also proud to offer a standard 2-year warranty on workmanship, coupled with product/material warranties of 5 to 10+ years depending on the products/materials chosen for your project. From roofing services to kitchen remodeling services to full residential construction, we stand behind our work.

Learn more about us and how we ensure your satisfaction!

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Below Are Some Common Questions About Room Additions

Home additions will vary in cost depending on the size of the project and geographic location.

A qualified home addition contractor can provide an accurate estimate based on an appraisal of your home’s exterior and existing interior space, photos or plans of the proposed area (if any), details such as desired construction type, amenities, style, or colors for new windows or exterior siding, and other specifics such as porches. The figure may be higher depending on factors such as attached or detached, the size, the materials, flooring, plumbing, electrical, etc.

The key is selecting the right contractor who knows all the nuances of your area and gets the job right.

If you want to get a quote for your home addition, Contact us! We are a trusted home addition contractor in Phoenix, AZ.

The cost of adding on a full bedroom comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on your builder’s plan or designing ideas. Larger projects of this nature will require more professional resources – which usually adds to the overall pricing. Contractors provide you with the necessary pricing when coming up with an estimate before the building commences on the addition.

In most cases, most of the materials required for this project are things you can DIY or that you might already have around the house (i.e., drywall, paint). So any labor costs and back-breaking lifting is where a contractor’s actual value comes into play.

Listed below are some general guidelines about what it would usually cost per bedroom and other related home addition information:

  • Remodeling 2nd Bedroom – $20-$30/sq ft ($30K-$40K estimated)
  • Adding 2nd Bedroom – $31-$68/sq ft ($54K-$98K estimated)

The costs of a garage addition vary depending on the size and complexity. It provides ample space for your vehicle and other family cars and offers valuable living, storage, and entertainment areas inside. We build garage additions with the same quality as any residential construction project; wood framing over concrete block walls or pre-cast panels on an existing foundation will often suffice depending on budget considerations (ranging from $10k to $70K).

You should also take into account the factors such as material quality, size, number of car spaces, or driveways.

Planning a home addition is a process of research, analysis, and preparation before any construction work takes place. Here are the three things to keep in mind:

  1. Assessment – Evaluate the need for expansion as well as constraints. It includes zoning laws and property boundaries, housing stability in the neighborhood, existing property design, including component locations, siding type, color, roof type, and height (especially if there are trees nearby).
  2. Sketching the specifics – The project should be outlined on paper or electronically; plans should include items like entrance & departure points for site visits/inspections. It’s also vital to keep sanitary conditions at bay. Know what you want out of this process so far as design aesthetic or space requirements go. 
  3. Budget – Set an adequate budget by determining realistic costs and assessing other sources where financing may come from. Research about costs concerning labor rates, material prices, etc. Then get a quote from your trusted constructors.  


Talk to us. We will set up a meeting at your property and walk you through the process of designing and building an addition for you.

Adding a home addition can take anywhere from 3-9 months or even longer. It depends on the type of addition, project size, and the workload to be accomplished in that period. These projects usually require special permits before construction can start, so most homeowners also incur costs in advance for that permit application which delays the project completion timeline.

The quality of a home addition is an important factor in determining if it will increase property value. If a large, modern addition is built onto an old residence that’s not in good shape, it’s more likely to hurt than help the value. Also, if the size and design are not aesthetically pleasing, there may be no benefit to adding on to the house.

An extensive modernization that clashes against its surroundings can damage instead of enhancing your property’s worth, so you must also consider improvements in curb appeal and street appeal.

It also depends on where you live. In some areas, adding space has raised property values, while in other cases, it has lowered them.

It isn’t easy to know what percentage it might be without seeing your exact situation and needs, but you can expect to see at least a minimal return on investment (ROI) for the average case.

It’s necessary to hire home addition contractors who have experience with the kind of project you want to be done, or else the quality of work may not reflect how much you initially spend on your house.

Yes. A-Resilient Contracting LC is an authorized and licensed contractor and has been in the exterior and interior construction business for over 15 years. So we are qualified and come fully prepared to do your building projects. We operate with you at every step of the process – from design consultation to the construction’s end-stage.

A home addition contractor’s qualifications should include expertise in regulations related to additions. That’s why our builders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to build your home additions safely according to municipal guidelines.

Booking your service appointment with us is easy and secure. To get started, call (480) 692-8493 or schedule a free consultation with us here. We will respond as soon as possible.

A Resilient Contracting has been providing services to residential and commercial properties for over 15 years. We make sure that you’re well taken care of.

Typically, we ask for a 50% upfront payment. But, it depends on a lot of factors such as project scope, materials involved, and the project’s total cost. We can also set up a payment schedule in our portal. 

A-Resilient Contracting LC has multiple methods for hassle-free payments. 

We accept all major credit cards, including: 

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

We also accept PayPal and wire transfers. 

To learn more, please contact us at (480) 692-8493.

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